19. ноября 2019


Some fields are closer than others and glassmaking with architecture definitely count among those. Glass as a key architecture material … edges, levels and planes as the basis of glass morphology – this connection simply works both-ways.

Moser is a first-rate Czech handmade glass manufacturer, and therefore we didn’t hesitate to support the best of what came out of the Czech architectural waters in 2019.

It all started with the competition opening in January, and what followed can only be seen as application tempest. The total number was 186, almost one fifth more than last year. Of almost 200 applied nationwide projects, only the best 36 remained in July. The nominees then met at a ceremony on 14. 11. at the Fórum Karlín in Prague.

And, of course, Moser couldn’t be missing as we were delivering the crystal awards to be presented. They were 12, each an original handmade piece. The Main prize in Moser Rosalin colour was awarded to the project of a nursery school in Nova Ruda by Petr Stolin and Alena Mlcekova, and the crystal for an Exceptional achievement went to the Centre for Contemporary Art DOX. The six remaining crystals for the Finalists and four Partnership awards in Alexandrite then, indeed, also found their owner.

One of them was actually handed over by the author himself, Peter Larva, Moser’s Head of Design. And those hesitating about glass and light being able to make space magical could have been persuaded by the grand finale – a laser show with Carlsbad crystal taking the leading role.

Is such a combination interesting to you, maybe you couldn’t be in Prague and also missed the live stream by Czech television? At least you can get closer to the mood with a short Moser video.

This is how the awards for the best Czech architects were born.


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