25. февраля 2020


The world of Moser is full of crystal poetics, this title is, however, by far not metaphoric.

With joy and pride we announce that, in the evening 25th February.2020, one of our engravers, Mr. Tomas Lesser, became the knight – of the Order of Arts and Letters.


The special event took place in Paris at the Ministry of Culture, where Tomas Lesser, together with other creators from all over the world, received one of the most prestigious awards for craftsmen in the field of luxury segment. The list of the laureates is telling enough. Each of the craftsmen had to meet truly complex requirements of Comité Colbert, world-famous French association supporting luxury brands (of which Moser has been member since 2011). The high French decoration from the Minister of Culture Franck Riester went to, for example: François Demachy, parfumerChristian Dior, Anne-Marie Legrand, costume designer Opéra National de Paris, or Thi Thu Nguyen, leather products designer Louis Vuitton. And among the best of the best well-deservedly also: Tomas Lesser for Moser!

The story of this artist-engraver started with his studies at the oldest glass-makers‘ school in the world in Kamenicky Senov, CZ, and it continues with almost 30-year-long career at the side of the older glassmaking generation in Moser. His professional journey has been marked by talent, diligence, patience, and most importantly: endless love for the craft. And all of these get signed into each and every engraving created by his hands. Mr. Lesser has been known worldwide for distinctive style, in which he employs his sense of figural, almost sculptor-like detail. His work is characterized by liveliness and unique atmosphere of the stories it tells. For Moser, Tomas Lesser created a whole range of engravings, mainly with figural or fauna motives. The Oder of Arts and Letters has been awarded to him, among others, for his authorial engraving of “Peacock“ on an Art Nouveau-shaped vase.

With a unique crystal object at his side and a highly valued medal at chest, Tomas Lesser did the best credit to his own work, the traditional craft, as well as to the long history of his home-glass workshop in Moser, Karlovy Vary. We are most proud that the values carried in our manufacture since 1857 keep they importance throughout the time. Ludwig Moser, the founding father, and a master engraver himself, would be, by all means, very excited as well.

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