9. июня 2020


Take a look with us at the world of master glassmakers and treat yourself to a unique excursion into their artistic inspiration thanks to the new Moser magazine. What topics can you look forward to?

We will visit Tomáš Lesser, the knight of the Order of Arts and Letters and an engraver from the Moser glassworks, whose engraving machine makes images from history as well as other images come to life. In London, we will visit Eva Jiřičná, the first lady of glass architecture and the holder of a number of awards, who, thanks to her artwork, made it beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. We will find out about the relationship of Hana Soukupová, a star of world modeling, to the Moser brand. The magazine will also present the alchemy of limitless craftsmanship and the new 2020 collection and will show how great it looks like in the interior of a functionalist villa.

These are just some of the many topics in the new issue of our magazine that will let you look into the very heart of Moser crystal. Get to know its energy, ingenuity, timelessness and embodied uniqueness, which emanates directly from every artwork.




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