22. ноября 2019


The third week in November will always have a special place in the Czech and Slovak calendar. However, this year it was even more important

On 17th November, Czechs and Slovaks commemorated the 30th Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. 30 years of the modern era, democracy and freedom –great reasons to celebrate, both at home and abroad. One of the milestones in European history was also remembered in London by the Czech community, with Moser crystal among the event’s ornaments.

The celebration was, indeed, nothing but splendid. At the night preceding the “Velvet weekend“, on Friday 15th November, the Czech colours in London were especially visible – the historical Guilhall building shined with Czech tricolour not only to celebrate the 30th anniversary of democracy and freedom, but also as a gesture of respect towards the British government and people who had been strongly contributing to the socio-political changes in Eastern Europe during this turbulent period.

The whole night then had a Czech-British atmosphere. Apart from the Czech ambassador in London, Libor Secka, and the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tomas Petricek, British Secretary for International Business, Liz Truss and the Mayor of the City of London, William Russell, made a speech. The main topic? Truly long and stable relations kept between the countries since WWII, over the support of the Czech dissidents in the late 80s up to the present.

Of course, apart from the remembrance and political issues, there was time for enjoyment and merriment. Therefore, all 400 guests in attendance listened to both national anthems successively, watched the performance of professional dancers as well as a presentation of Skoda historical cars, savoured the taste of wine special editions and experienced a touching solo for Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines, one of the Czech Winton kids.

That was all the Velvet Freedom Ball – moreover, the very first representative gala of the Czech Embassy in London had a charity dimension. During the night, an amazing 11,660 GBP was collected, which will be donated by the Czech Embassy to the Great Ormond Street Children´s Charity helping kids suffering with heart diseases.

Moser glassworks couldn’t miss or be more honoured to take part at such occasion as there has always been a strong connection between UK and Czech crystal. At the Velvet Freedom Ball, Moser pieces sparkled in the tombola. The winners received a beautiful crystal souvenir with a symbol of a dancing couple in the colour of Moser Rosalin, forever carrying the memory of the London Velvet Revolution celebration.

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