13. ноября 2019


Happiness and sorrow, successes and failures, Moser glassworks has seen it all, we have been part of Czech history being written.

In times both good and bad, however, we had a reason for pride in Carlsbad as our masters and designers have always come up with new creative tasks.

It has already been 30 years, since these Moser artists started working in a democratic country, a remarkable number indeed. Thus, we wanted to celebrate it with something special – something that we could create together.

We put heads and hands together with Dagmar and Vaclav Havel Vision 97 Foundation. And the result then could have been nothing more symbolic than a heart – a crystal piece in the Czech tricolour with a sanded signature. No need to guess the author – the heart carries the name of the dramatist, dissident and the first Czech post-communist president, Vaclav Havel.

So, as it is clear, these are not just any hearts. The symbolic, therefore, also concerns the overall number. They are only 30, each of them with its own limited-edition number and a certificate proving a generous goal.

With each of the 30 pieces, 30 % of the prize goes to the Dagmar and Vaclav Havel Foundation. Thus, we named the crystal „Heart in Hands". On 26thNovember, we will give an enlarged replica of the heart to Mrs. Dagmar Havlova and from that moment, all the 30 pieces will be available in our stores for purchase. It can be then you, who also gets it – you can contribute to a good cause and gain a symbol that will forever remind you of 30 years of Czech democracy.

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