12. июня 2017

For the seventh time Moser Glassworks has awarded prizes for the best student designs

For the seventh year the Moser Glassworks in Karlovy Vary has held a competition for the best artistic design for students at secondary schools and colleges focused on glassmaking and art. The prestigious glassworks will include the winning designs in its collection.

This year’s winners of the Ludwig Moser Prize were Lenka Herbová and Kristýna Šabatková.

Apart from a financial reward, both young artists will receive a week-long internship at the glassworks. The prizes were handed over to the winners by František Schneider, the glassworks’ CEO, and Lukáš Jabůrek, its Art Director.
“The main point of the competition is not just sending in designs or graduation and bachelor’s theses. It’s all about the assignment, which changes each year; so, on the basis of this, the students create something specifically for Moser. The aim is not just to reward the students with money, it’s so that they can come to the glassworks and try out making their designs,” said Lukáš Jabůrek.

Last year, the contestants had to create a design for the 160th anniversary of the Moser Glassworks. “This year’s theme was a bit of a struggle and it was pretty tricky. It was meant to be a gift or decorative item, a vase or set for a wedding, Christmas or Valentine,” said the students.

The main prize was carried off by Kristýna Šabatková from the Glass School in Nový Bor with her design for a jewellery box entitled Mooa. Lenka Herbová, from the High School of Applied Arts for Glassmaking in Železný Brod, received an honorary mention for her vases and lamps entitled Lolyloup.

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